by Owen Bennet- Jones

A major new investigation into the Bhutto family, examining their influence in Pakistan from the colonial era to the present day

“Fluently written, impeccably researched and never short of extraordinary insights, this is a landmark publication.”–Farzana Shaikh, Literary Review

The Bhutto family has long been one of the most ambitious and powerful in Pakistan. But politics has cost the Bhuttos dear. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, widely regarded as the most talented politician in the country’s history, was removed from power in 1977 and executed two years later, at the age of 51. Of his four children, three met unnatural deaths: Shahnawaz was poisoned in 1985 at the age of 27; Murtaza was shot by the police outside his home in 1996, aged 42; and Benazir Bhutto, who led the Pakistan Peoples Party and became Prime Minister twice, was killed by a suicide bomber in Rawalpindi in 2007, aged 54.

Author’s Podcast

Podcast art for The AssassinationThe Assassination: 
“The award-winning inside story. An investigation into the death of Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Includes interviews with those accused of her murder.”

Interview with the Author

Jaipur Bytes
The Bhutto Dynasty – The Struggle for Power in Pakistan
12/2/20       41 min


The Atlantic Council
“The Bhutto Dynasty” with Owen Bennet Jones and Shuja Nawaz
11/3/20       56 min

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