Book cover of The Bonds of Inequality: Debt and the Making of the American City by Destin Jenkinsby Destin Jenkins

Indebtedness, like inequality, has become a ubiquitous condition in the United States. Yet few have probed American cities’ dependence on municipal debt or how the terms of municipal finance structure racial privileges, entrench spatial neglect, elide democratic input, and distribute wealth and power.

In this passionate and deeply researched book, Destin Jenkins shows in vivid detail how, beyond the borrowing decisions of American cities and beneath their quotidian infrastructure, there lurks a world of politics and finance that is rarely seen, let alone understood.

Interview with the Author

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Bonds of Inequality w/ Destin Jenkins 
4/21/22             103 min

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Destin Jenkins: The Bonds of Inequality
5/24/21            57 min

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Destin Jenkins on Municipal Debt and Bondholder Power
1/4/22          58 min

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