Book cover of The Burgundians: A Vanished Empire by Bart Van Looby Bart Van Loo

“A sumptuous feast of a book.” —The Times, 21 Best History Books of 2021

A publishing phenomenon in Europe, where it has sold 230,000 copies in hardback, Bart van Loo’s epic history of the dukedom of Burgundy has the grip of a great historical novel and the fascination of a wonderful factual narrative.

At the end of the fifteenth century, Burgundy was extinguished as an independent state. It had been a fabulously wealthy, turbulent region situated between France and Germany, with close links to the English kingdom. Torn apart by the dynastic struggles of early modern Europe, this extraordinary realm vanished from the map. But it became the cradle of what we now know as the Low Countries, modern Belgium and the Netherlands.

Interview with the Author

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12/15/21           59 min

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The Burgundians: Battles, Murders and Forgotten Treasure
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