Book cover of The Chaos Machine: The Inside Story of How Social Media Rewired Our Minds and Our World by Max Fisherby Max Fisher

Finalist for the Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism

From a New York Times investigative reporter, this “authoritative and devastating account of the impacts of social media” (New York Times Book Review)  tracks the high-stakes inside story of how Big Tech’s breakneck race to drive engagement—and profits—at all costs fractured the world. The Chaos Machine is “an essential book for our times” (Ezra Klein).

We all have a vague sense that social media is bad for our minds, for our children, and for our democracies. But the truth is that its reach and impact run far deeper than we have understood. Building on years of international reporting, Max Fisher tells the gripping and galling inside story of how Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social network preyed on psychological frailties to create the algorithms that drive everyday users to extreme opinions and, increasingly, extreme actions. As Fisher demonstrates, the companies’ founding tenets, combined with a blinkered focus on maximizing engagement, have led to a destabilized world for everyone.

Interview with the Author

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How Social Media Rewired our Brains and our World, with Max Fisher
9/9/22           50 min

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Max Fisher: Social Media and the Havoc on Our Minds
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The Chaos Machine: How Social Media Rewired Our Brains and Our World
9/12/22             167 min

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