Book cover of The Churchill Complex: The Curse of Being Special, from Winston and FDR to Trump and Brexit by Ian Burumaby Ian Buruma

“Stimulating and highly readable. . . . The Churchill Complex is a rich and rewarding book.” —Wall Street Journal

From one of its keenest observers, a brilliant, witty journey through the “Special Relationship” between Britain and America that has done so much to shape the world, from World War II to Brexit.

It is impossible to understand the last seventy-five years of American history, through to Trump and Brexit, without understanding the Anglo-American relationship, particularly the bonds between presidents and prime ministers. FDR of course had Winston Churchill; JFK had Harold Macmillan, his consigliere during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ronald Reagan found his ideological soul mate in Margaret Thatcher; and George W. Bush found his fellow believer, in religion and in war, in Tony Blair. Today, the bond between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson illuminates the populist uprisings in both countries, as well as a new kind of Special Relationship that goes against everything it once stood for.

Interview with the Author

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Episode 6: Ian Buruma on America’s Special Relationship with the UK
11/20/20           32 min

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Ian Buruma on The Churchill Complex: The Curse of Being Special from Winston & FDR to Trump & Brexit
1/4/21            54 min

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Ian Buruma, “The Churchill Complex” (Penguin Press, 2020)
10/30/20         57 min

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Ian Buruma: A “Special Relationship: Built on Delusion and Bluster
8/27/20           26 min

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