Book cover of The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry That Forged the Medieval World  by Shelley Puhakby Shelley Puhak

“A well-researched and well-told epic history. The Dark Queens brings these courageous, flawed, and ruthless rulers and their distant times back to life.”–Margot Lee Shetterly, New York Times-bestselling author of Hidden Figures

The remarkable, little-known story of two trailblazing women in the Early Middle Ages who wielded immense power, only to be vilified for daring to rule.

Brunhild was a foreign princess, raised to be married off for the sake of alliance-building. Her sister-in-law Fredegund started out as a lowly palace slave. And yet-in sixth-century Merovingian France, where women were excluded from noble succession and royal politics was a blood sport-these two iron-willed strategists reigned over vast realms, changing the face of Europe.

Interview with the Author

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Shelley Puhak, “The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry That Forged the Medieval World” (Bloomsbury, 2022)
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Brunhild and Fredegund: The Queens Who Fought for 40 Years
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