by Maya Jasanoff

“Enlightening, compassionate, superb” —John Le Carré

Winner of the 2018 Cundhill History Prize

New York Times Book Review Notable Book of 2017

One of the New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2017

A visionary exploration of the life and times of Joseph Conrad, his turbulent age of globalization and our own, from one of the most exciting young historians writing today

Migration, terrorism, the tensions between global capitalism and nationalism, and a communications revolution: these forces shaped Joseph Conrad’s destiny at the dawn of the twentieth century. In this brilliant new interpretation of one of the great voices in modern literature, Maya Jasanoff reveals Conrad as a prophet of globalization. As an immigrant from Poland to England, and in travels from Malaya to Congo to the Caribbean, Conrad navigated an interconnected world, and captured it in a literary oeuvre of extraordinary depth. His life story delivers a history of globalization from the inside out, and reflects powerfully on the aspirations and challenges of the modern world.

Interview with the Author

Boston Athenaeum
Maya Jasanoff, “The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World”
12/11/17         53 min

The World in Time / Lapham’s Quarterly
Episode 20: Maya Jasanoff
12/22/17        34 min

Think Again – a Big Think Podcast
126. Maya Jasanoff (Historian) – Civilization and Its Discontents
11/25/17        63 min

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