Book cover of The Declassification Engine: What History Reveals About America's Top Secrets by Matthew James Connellyby Matthew James Connelly

Every day, thousands of new secrets are created by the United States government. What is all this secrecy really for? And whom does it benefit?

Before World War II, transparent government was a proud tradition in the United States. In all but the most serious of circumstances, classification, covert operations, and spying were considered deeply un-American. But after the war, the power to decide what could be kept secret proved too tempting to give up. Since then, we have radically departed from that open tradition, allowing intelligence agencies, black sites, and classified laboratories to grow unchecked. Officials insist that only secrecy can keep us safe, but its true costs have gone unacknowledged for too long.

Interview with the Author

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America’s Top Secrets: Manhattan Project to Drone Warfare
4/16/23            40 min

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Matthew Connelly, “The Declassification Engine”
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Declassifying America’s Best Kept Secrets with with Matthew Connelly
1/2/23          40 min

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