Book cover of The Earth Is All That Lasts: Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and the Last Stand of the Great Sioux Nation by Mark Lee Gardnerby Mark Lee Gardner

“Fast-paced and highly absorbing.” —Wall Street Journal

A magisterial new history of the fierce final chapter of the “Indian Wars,” told through the lives of the two most legendary and consequential American Indian leaders, who led Sioux resistance and triumphed at the Battle of Little Bighorn

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull: Their names are iconic, their significance in American history undeniable. Together, these two Lakota chiefs, one a fabled warrior and the other a revered holy man, crushed George Armstrong Custer’s vaunted Seventh Cavalry. Yet their legendary victory at the Little Big Horn has overshadowed the rest of their rich and complex lives. Now, based on years of research and drawing on a wealth of previously ignored primary sources, award-winning author Mark Lee Gardner delivers the definitive chronicle, thrillingly told, of these extraordinary Indigenous leaders.

Interview with the Author

Podcast for for Can't Make This Up A History podcastCan’t Make This Up 
The Earth is All That Lasts with Mark Lee Gardner
9/12/22           43 min

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Mark Lee Gardner: Rather Than Jefferson or Washington, Should Americans Be Celebrating Indigenious Leaders LIke Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull as Their Greatest Historical Figures?
6/21/22            35 min

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