Book cover of The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure  by Yascha Mounkby Yascha Mounk

One of Barack Obama’s Recommended Reads for Summer 

[A] brave and necessary book . . . Anyone interested in the future of liberal democracy, in the US or anywhere else, should read this book.” —Anne Applebaum

“A convincing, humane, and hopeful guide to the present and future by one of our foremost democratic thinkers.” —George Packer

“A rare thing: [an] academic treatise . . . that may actually have influence in the arena of practical politics. . . . Passionate and personal.” 
—Joe Klein, New York Times Book Review

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Conversations with ColemanConversations With Coleman 
Democracy and Diversity with Yascha Mounk (S3 Ep.16)
5/20/22          97 min

Podcast art for The RealignmentThe Realignment 
234 | Yascha Mounk: Can Diverse and Divided Democracies Survive?
4/19/22             56 min

Podcast art for The Good Fight with Yascha MounkThe Good Fight 
Yascha Mounk on Making Diverse Democracies Work
4/23/22           57 min

Podcast Art for The Lawfare PodcastThe Lawfare Podcast 
Yascha Mounk on the Future of Diverse Democracies 
4/19/22          57 min

Podcast art for The President's InboxThe President’s Inbox 
The Future of Diverse Democracies, with Yascha Mounk
4/19/22           33 min

Podcast Art of Intelligence SquaredIntelligence Squared 
How to Make Democracy Work for Everyone, with Yascha Mounk
5/13/22           58 min

Podcast Art for Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaCommonwealth Club of California 
Yascha Mounk: The Fate of Diverse Democracies
5/12/22          86 min

Podcast art for Keen OnKeen On 
Yascha Mounk on the Paradoxes of American Patriotism in the Black Community
4/21/22         42 min

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