by Zach St. George

An urgent and illuminating portrait of forest migration, and of the people studying the forests of the past, protecting the forests of the present, and planting the forests of the future.

Forests are restless. Any time a tree dies or a new one sprouts, the forest that includes it has shifted. When new trees sprout in the same direction, the whole forest begins to migrate, sometimes at astonishing rates. Today, however, an array of obstacles―humans felling trees by the billions, invasive pests transported through global trade―threaten to overwhelm these vital movements. Worst of all, the climate is changing faster than ever before, and forests are struggling to keep up.

Interview with the Author

Talk Nerdy with Cara Santa Maria
Tree Migration w/ Zach St. George
11/9/20      74 min

Inquiring Minds
A Story about Forests, People, and the Future
7/22/20        40 min

Here & There with Dave Marash
Here and There 9 December, 2020 Zach St. George
12/9/20       52 min

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