by Michael Lind  

In both Europe and North America, populist movements have shattered existing party systems and thrown governments into turmoil. The embattled establishment claims that these populist insurgencies seek to overthrow liberal democracy. The truth is no less alarming but is more complex: Western democracies are being torn apart by a new class war.

In this controversial and groundbreaking new analysis, Michael Lind, one of America’s leading thinkers, debunks the idea that the insurgencies are primarily the result of bigotry, traces how the breakdown of mid-century class compromises between business and labor led to the conflict, and reveals the real battle lines.

Interview with the Author

Hidden Forces
How to End the New Class War and Save Democracy From the Managerial Elite: Michael Lind
1/27/20        66 min

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The National Podcast of Texas
#102 Michael Lind on Class Warfare and Why Populism Can’t Last
2/4/20        50 min

Palladium Podcast
Digital Salon with Michael Lind: The New Class War
7/1/20        89 min

Banter: An AEI Podcast
‘The New Class War’: Michael Lind on the growing divide in US politics
2/26/20        40 min

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