Book cover of The Normans: A History of Conquest by Trevor Rowleyby Trevor Rowley

A powerful and evocative portrait of the Norman Conquest of Europe, revealing the permanent cultural and political legacy that resulted in their ascendency.

The Norman’s conquering of the known world was a phenomenon unlike anything Europe had seen up to that point in history.

They emerged early in the tenth century but had disappeared from world affairs by the mid-thirteenth century. Yet in that time they had conquered England, Ireland, much of Wales and parts of Scotland. They also founded a new Mediterranean kingdom in southern Italy and Sicily, as well as a Crusader state in the Holy Land and in North Africa. Moreover, they had an extraordinary ability to adapt as time and place dictated, taking on the role of Norse invaders to Frankish crusaders, from Byzantine overlords to feudal monarchs. 

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The Normans: A History of Conquest
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The Normans
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