Book cover of The Oil Wars Myth: Petroleum and the Causes of International Conflict by Emily Meierdingby Emily Meierding

Do countries fight wars for oil? Given the resource’s exceptional military and economic importance, most people assume that states will do anything to obtain it. Challenging this conventional wisdom, The Oil Wars Myth reveals that countries do not launch major conflicts to acquire petroleum resources. Emily Meierding argues that the costs of foreign invasion, territorial occupation, international retaliation, and damage to oil company relations deter even the most powerful countries from initiating “classic oil wars.” Examining a century of interstate violence, she demonstrates that, at most, countries have engaged in mild sparring to advance their petroleum ambitions.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art for The Lawfare PodcastThe Lawfare Podcast 
Oil Wars in Myth and Reality, with Emily Meierding
5/16/22         48 min

Podcast art for Military History Inside OutMilitary History Inside Out 
20th Century conflict – “The Oil Wars Myth (Cornell University Press, 2020) – Emily Meierding interview
5/27/20           52 min

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