Book Cover of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone by Brian Merchantby Brian Merchant

The secret history of the invention that changed everything-and became the most profitable product in the world.

The One Device is a tour de force, with a fast-paced edge and heaps of analytical insight.”-Ashlee Vance, New York Times bestselling author of Elon Musk

“A stunning book. You will never look at your iPhone the same way again.” -Dan Lyons, New York Times bestselling author of Disrupted

Odds are that as you read this, an iPhone is within reach. But before Steve Jobs introduced us to “the one device,” as he called it, a cell phone was merely what you used to make calls on the go.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for VergecastThe Vergecast
Bonus: Brian Merchant, author of The One Device
6/15/17          64 min

Podcast art for the Town Hall Seattle Civics Series Town Hall Seattle Civics
25: Brian Merchant with Alex Pasternack
7//17            75 min

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