by Thomas Frank

From the prophetic author of the now-classic What’s the Matter with Kansas? and Listen, Liberal, an eye-opening account of populism, the most important―and misunderstood―movement of our time.

Rarely does a work of history contain startling implications for the present, but in The People, No Thomas Frank pulls off that explosive effect by showing us that everything we think we know about populism is wrong. Today “populism” is seen as a frightening thing, a term pundits use to describe the racist philosophy of Donald Trump and European extremists. But this is a mistake.

Interview with the Author

The Dig
Anti Populism with Thomas Frank
11/29/20       98 min


A brief history of anti – populism with Thomas Frank
7/17/20       70 min

S3 Ep. 22: The Unpopular Tale of Populism: Thomas Frank on the Real History of an American Mass Movement
7/30/20        49 min

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