Book cover of The Plots Against Hitler by Danny Orbachby Danny Orbach

The first definitive account of the anti-Nazi underground in Germany: “Superb” (Publishers Weekly).

In 1933, Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. A year later, all political parties but the Nazis had been outlawed, freedom of the press was but a memory, and Hitler’s dominance seemed complete. Yet over the next few years, an unlikely cadre of conspirators emerged—schoolteachers, politicians, theologians, even a carpenter—who would try repeatedly to end the Führer’s genocidal reign. This dramatic account is history at its most suspenseful, revealing the full story of those noble, ingenious, but ultimately failed efforts.

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Danny Orbach, “Plots Against Hitler” (Eamon Dolan / HMH, 2016)
8/21/19           63 min




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