by Jim Tankersley

A vivid character-driven narrative, fused with important new economic and political reporting and research, that busts the myths about middle class decline and points the way to its revival.

For over a decade, Jim Tankersley has been on a journey to understand what the hell happened to the world’s greatest middle-class success story — the post-World-War-II boom that faded into decades of stagnation and frustration for American workers. In The Riches of This Land, Tankersley fuses the story of forgotten Americans– struggling women and men who he met on his journey into the travails of the middle class– with important new economic and political research, providing fresh understanding how to create a more widespread prosperity. He begins by unraveling the real mystery of the American economy since the 1970s – not where did the jobs go, but why haven’t new and better ones been created to replace them.

Interview with the Author

Political Economy with Jim Pethokoukis
Jim Tankersley: The riches of this land
12/2/20         28 min

Keen On
Jim Tankersley: How to Revive the Middle Class in America
8/14/20        25 min

Macro Musings with David Beckworth
Jim Tankersley on the State of the Middle Class and How to Boost Economic Growth
8/23/20        65 min

Pitchfork Economics with Nick Hanauer
Author Interview: How to rebuild the middle class (with Jim Tankersley)
10/13/20         24 min

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