by Jennifer Mittelstadt

Since the end of the draft, the U.S. Army has prided itself on its patriotic volunteers who heed the call to “Be All That You Can Be.” But beneath the recruitment slogans, the army promised volunteers something more tangible: a social safety net including medical and dental care, education, child care, financial counseling, housing assistance, legal services, and other privileges that had long been reserved for career soldiers. The Rise of the Military Welfare State examines how the U.S. Army’s extension of benefits to enlisted men and women created a military welfare system of unprecedented size and scope.

America’s all-volunteer army took shape in the 1970s, in the wake of widespread opposition to the draft. Abandoning compulsory conscription, it wrestled with how to attract and retain soldiers―a task made more difficult by the military’s plummeting prestige after Vietnam.

Interview with the Author

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Jennifer Mittelstadt, “The Rise of the Military Welfare State”
12/10/15         49 min

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The Rise of the Military Welfare State with Jennifer Mittelstadt
4/10/18         54 min

The Chauncey DeVega Show
Ep. 110: Jennifer Mittelstadt Explains the Military Welfare State
10/20/16         96 min

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