Book cover of The Scholems by Jay Howard Gellerby Jay Geller

The evocative and riveting stories of four brothers—Gershom the Zionist, Werner the Communist, Reinhold the nationalist, and Erich the liberal—weave together in The Scholems, a biography of an eminent middle-class Jewish Berlin family and a social history of the Jews in Germany in the decades leading up to World War II.

Across four generations, Jay Howard Geller illuminates the transformation of traditional Jews into modern German citizens, the challenges they faced, and the ways that they shaped the German-Jewish century, beginning with Prussia’s emancipation of the Jews in 1812 and ending with exclusion and disenfranchisement under the Nazis. 

Interview with the Author

1869, the Cornell University Press Podcast
1869, Ep. 64 with Jay Geller, author of The Scholems
1/24/19        14 min
14 min

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