by Eric Foner

An authoritative history by the preeminent scholar of the Civil War era, The Second Founding traces the arc of the three foundational Reconstruction amendments from their origins in antebellum activism and adoption amidst intense postwar politics to their virtual nullification by narrow Supreme Court decisions and Jim Crow state laws. Today these amendments remain strong tools for achieving the American ideal of equality, if only we will take them up.

Interview with the Author

297: How Reconstruction Transformed the Constitution: A Feature Conversation with Pulitzer Prize – winning Historian Eric Foner
10/11/19         37 min

Talks at GS
Eric Foner
2/28/20         30 min

Midtown Scholar Bookstore
WITF Smart Talk Live with Eric Foner
10/8/19        79 min


Midtown Scholar Bookstore
WITF SmartTalk Live with ERIC FONER, Author of the Second Coming | 2019 Harrisburg Book Festival
10/17/19         51 min

Talks at GS
Eric Foner, Historian and Author of “The Second Founding”
11/6/19        28 min

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