Book cover of The Secret World: A History of Intelligence by Christopher Andrewby Christopher Andrew

The first-ever detailed, comprehensive history of intelligence, from Moses and Sun Tzu to the present day
“A comprehensive exploration of spying in its myriad forms from the Bible to the present day.”—Ben Macintyre, “By the Book,” New York Times Book Review
“For anyone with a taste for wide-ranging and shrewdly gossipy history—or, for that matter, for anyone with a taste for spy stories—Andrew’s is one of the most entertaining books of the past few years.”—Adam Gopnik, New Yorker

The history of espionage is far older than any of today’s intelligence agencies, yet the long history of intelligence operations has been largely forgotten. The codebreakers at Bletchley Park, the most successful World War II intelligence agency, were completely unaware that their predecessors in earlier moments of national crisis had broken the codes of Napoleon during the Napoleonic wars and those of Spain before the Spanish Armada.

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