Book cover of The Skeptics' Guide to the Future: What Yesterday's Science and Science Fiction Tell Us About the World of Tomorrow by Dr. Steven Novellaby Steven Novella

From the bestselling authors and hosts of “The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe,” a high-tech roadmap of the future in their beloved voice, cracking open the follies of futurists past and how technology will profoundly change our world, redefining what it means to be human.

Our predictions of the future are a wild fantasy, inextricably linked to our present hopes and fears, biases and ignorance. Whether they be the outlandish leaps predicted in the 1920s, like multi-purpose utility belts with climate control capabilities and planes the size of luxury cruise ships, or the forecasts of the ‘60s, which didn’t anticipate the sexual revolution or women’s liberation, the path to the present is littered with failed predictions and incorrect estimations. The best we can do is try to absorb the lessons from futurism’s checkered past, perhaps learning to do a little better.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Talks at GoogleTalks At Google 
Ep300 – Steven Novella, Jay Novella & Bob Novella | The Skeptics’ Guide to the Future
12/6/22           67 min

Podcast art for Geeks Guide to the GalaxyGeek’s Guide to the Galaxy – A Science Fiction Podcast 
526. Steven Novella, co-author of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Future: What Yesterday’s Science and Science Fiction Tell Us About the World of Tomorrow
9/23/22           60 min

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