by Eric Weiner 

The New York Times bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss embarks on a rollicking intellectual journey, following in the footsteps of history’s greatest thinkers and showing us how each—from Epicurus to Gandhi, Thoreau to Beauvoir—offers practical and spiritual lessons for today’s unsettled times.

We turn to philosophy for the same reasons we travel: to see the world from a dif­ferent perspective, to unearth hidden beauty, and to find new ways of being. We want to learn how to embrace wonder. Face regrets. Sustain hope.

Interview with the Author

Books on Pod with Trey Elling
#68 – Eric Weiner on THE SOCRATES EXPRESS
9/10/20        42 min

The Art of Manliness
#643: Life Lessons From Dead Philsophers
9/14/20       49 min

The Literary Life with Mitchell Kaplan
Eric Weiner: In Search of Life Lessons from Dead Philosophers
9/4/20        36 min

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