by Patrick Wyman

The creator of the hit podcast series Tides of History and Fall of Rome explores the four explosive decades between 1490 and 1530, bringing to life the dramatic and deeply human story of how the West was reborn.

In the bestselling tradition of The Swerve and A Distant MirrorThe Verge tells the story of a period that marked a decisive turning point for both European and world history. Here, author Patrick Wyman examines two complementary and contradictory sides of the same historical coin: the world-altering implications of the developments of printed mass media, extreme taxation, exploitative globalization, humanistic learning, gunpowder warfare, and mass religious conflict in the long term, and their intensely disruptive consequences in the short-term.

Author’s Podcast

Fall of Rome


Tides of History



Interview with the Author

Tides of History
Patrick Wrote a Book! With Leah Sutherland and Rachel Kambury
7/19/21        52 min

Tides of History
Mike Duncan and Patrick in Conversation at Powell’s Books: “The Verge,” Ancient Rome, and Doing History
8/12/21        65 min

Keen On
Patrick Wyman on the “Great Divergence” between Western Europe and the Rest of the Globe
7/23/21         44 min

Razib Khan’s Unsupervised Learning
Patrick Wyman: Luther, Columbus and Gutenberg
7/20/21           76 min

Chapo Trap House
540 – It’s Coming Rome feat. Patrick Wyman
7/13/21            82 min


Book talk starts at 14 min




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