Book cover of The Weaponisation of Everything: A Field Guide to the New Way of War by Mark Galeottiby Mark Galeotti

An engaging guide to the various ways in which war is now waged—and how to adapt to this new reality

Hybrid War, Grey Zone Warfare, Unrestricted War: today, traditional conflict—fought with guns, bombs, and drones—has become too expensive to wage, too unpopular at home, and too difficult to manage. In an age when America threatens Europe with sanctions, and when China spends billions buying influence abroad, the world is heading for a new era of permanent low-level conflict, often unnoticed, undeclared, and unending.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art of Intelligence SquaredIntelligence Squared 
Adapting to the New World of War, with Mark Galeotti
2/8/22          58 min

Podcast Art for the New Book NetworkNew Books Network 
The Future of War: A Discussion with Mark Galeotti
7/19/22            45 min

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