Book cover of The Wolf Age: The Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons and the Battle for the North Sea Empire by Tore Skeieby Tore Skeie

“The turbulent age that straddles the first millennium is brought to life in a history worthy of a modern television epic.” —Financial Times

Thrilling history provides a new perspective on the Viking-Anglo Saxon conflicts and brings the bloody period vividly to life, perfect for fans of Dan Jones

The first major book on Vikings by a Scandinavian author to be published in English, The Wolf Age reframes the struggle for a North Sea empire and puts readers in the mindset of Vikings, providing new insight into their goals, values, and what they chose to live and die for.

Interview with the Author

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The Wolf Age – with Tore Skeie
2/22/22          31 min

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The Vikings 
3/8/22          35 min

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