Book cover of Time of Anarchy: Indigenous Power and the Crisis of Colonialism in Early America by Matthew Kruerby Matthew Kruer

A gripping account of the violence and turmoil that engulfed England’s fledgling colonies and the crucial role played by Native Americans in determining the future of North America.

In 1675, eastern North America descended into chaos. Virginia exploded into civil war, as rebel colonists decried the corruption of planter oligarchs and massacred allied Indians. Maryland colonists, gripped by fears that Catholics were conspiring with enemy Indians, rose up against their rulers. Separatist movements and ethnic riots swept through New York and New Jersey. Dissidents in northern Carolina launched a revolution, proclaiming themselves independent of any authority but their own. English America teetered on the edge of anarchy.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for PA Books from PCNPA Books on PCN 
“Time of Anarchy” with Matthew Kruer
4/18/22          60 min

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The Susquehannock Wars and Bacon’s Rebellion with Matthew Kruer
6/19/22          68 min

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