Book cover of Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund and Changed Finance Forever by Robin Wigglesworthby Robin Wigglesworth

From the Financial Times’s global finance correspondent, the incredible true story of the iconoclastic geeks who defied conventional wisdom and endured Wall Street’s scorn to launch the index fund revolution, democratizing investing and saving hundreds of billions of dollars in fees that would have otherwise lined fat cats’ pockets.

Fifty years ago, the Manhattan Project of money management was quietly assembled in the financial industry’s backwaters, unified by the heretical idea that even many of the world’s finest investors couldn’t beat the market in the long run.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Masters in BusinessMasters in Business 
Robin Wigglesworth on the Creation of the Index Fund
11/12/21        84 min

Podcast art for SALT TalksSALT Talks 
Robin Wigglesworth: The Rise & Future of Index Funds | SALT Talks #272
3/29/22           40 min

Podcast art for Hidden ForcesHidden Forces 
Index Funds, ETFs, & the Passive Investing Revolution | Robin Wigglesworth
10/25/21          48 min

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Podcast art for Inside the ICE HouseInside the ICE House 
Episode 287: Robin Wigglesworth, the Financial Times’ Man in Oslo, in on the Trails of Trillions
3/14/22          49 min

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