Book cover of Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn't Food by Chris Van Tullekenby Chris van Tulleken

A manifesto to change how you eat and how you think about the human body.

It’s not you, it’s the food.

We have entered a new age of eating. For the first time in human history, most of our calories come from an entirely novel set of substances called Ultra-Processed Food. There’s a long, formal scientific definition, but it can be boiled down to this: if it’s wrapped in plastic and has at least one ingredient that you wouldn’t find in your kitchen, it’s UPF.

These products are specifically engineered to behave as addictive substances, driving excess consumption. They are now linked to the leading cause of early death globally and the number one cause of environmental destruction. Yet almost all our staple foods are ultra-processed. UPF is our food culture and for many people it is the only available and affordable food.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Instant Genius a Science Focus PodcastInstant Genius 
Ultra-processed Food with Dr Chris van Tulleken
5/4/23            45 min

Podcast art for The Penguin PodcastThe Penguin Podcast 
Chris van Tulleken with Isy Suttie
5/16/23           56 min

Podcast art for the How to Academy PodcastHow To Academy 
Robin Ince Meets Chris van Tulleken – Why We Can’t Stop Eating Stuff That Isn’t Food
5/5/23           81 min

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