Book cover of Under Alien Skies: A Sightseer's Guide to the Universe by Philip Plaitby Philip Plait

A rip-roaring tour of the cosmos with the Bad Astronomer, bringing you up close and personal with the universe like never before.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the universe? How would Saturn’s rings look from a spaceship sailing just above them? If you were falling into a black hole, what’s the last thing you’d see before getting spaghettified? While traveling in person to most of these amazing worlds may not be possible—yet—the would-be space traveler need not despair: you can still take the scenic route through the galaxy with renowned astronomer and science communicator Philip Plait.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Leonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio in New YorkLeonard Lopate at Large on WBAI Radio in New York 
Philip Plait on Under Alien Skies
4/19/23           54 min

You Are Not So Smart Podcast ArtYou Are Not So Smart 
258 – Under Alien Skies – Phil Plait
4/30/23             69 min

Podcast Art for Seattle Town Hall Science SeriesTown Hall Seattle Science Series 
207. Philip Plait: A Sightseer’s Guide to the Universe
6/12/23            99 min

Podcast art for Geeks Guide to the GalaxyGeeks Guide to the Galaxy 
541. Philip Plait, author of Under Alien Skies: A Sightseer’s Guide to the Universe
4/21/23           53 min

Podcast art for Planetary RadioPlanetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy and Science 
Under Alien Skies with Phil Plait
4/19/23           56 min

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