Book cover of Unfreedom: Slavery and Dependence in Eighteenth-Century Boston by Jared Ross Hardestyby Jared Ross Hardesty

Reveals the lived experience of slaves in eighteenth-century Boston

Instead of relying on the traditional dichotomy of slavery and freedom, Hardesty argues we should understand slavery in Boston as part of a continuum of unfreedom. In this context, African slavery existed alongside many other forms of oppression, including Native American slavery, indentured servitude, apprenticeship, and pauper apprenticeship. In this hierarchical and inherently unfree world, enslaved Bostonians were more concerned with their everyday treatment and honor than with emancipation, as they pushed for autonomy, protected their families and communities, and demanded a place in society.

Interview with the Author

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083 Jared Hardesty, Unfreedom: Slavery in Colonial Boston
5/24/16         40 min

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