Book cover of Unsettled: How the Purdue Pharma Bankruptcy Failed the Victims of the American Overdose Crisis by Ryan Hamptonby Ryan Hampton

A shocking inside account of reckless capitalism and injustice in the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy case.

In September 2019, Purdue Pharma―the maker of OxyContin and a company controlled by the infamous billionaire Sackler family―filed for bankruptcy to protect itself from 2,600 lawsuits for its role in fueling the U.S. overdose crisis. Author and activist Ryan Hampton served as co-chair of the official creditors committee that acted as a watchdog during the process, one of only four victims appointed among representatives of big insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmacies. He entered the case believing that exposing the Sacklers and mobilizing against Purdue would be enough to right the scales of justice. But he soon learned that behind closed doors, justice had plenty of other competition―and it came with a hefty price tag.

Interview with the Author

Podcast Art for Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaCommonwealth Club of California
Ryan Hampton: Big Pharma, Bankruptcy and Injustice
10/15/21         62 min

Podcast art for The Vermont Conversation with David GoodmanThe Vermont Conversations with David Goodman
A recovering opioid user seeks justice in the crime of the century
10/29/21          66 min

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