Book cover of Ways and Means: Lincoln and His Cabinet and the Financing of the Civil War by Roger Lowensteinby Roger Lowenstein

Captivating . . . [Lowenstein] makes what subsequently occurred at Treasury and on Wall Street during the early 1860s seem as enthralling as what transpired on the battlefield or at the White House.” —Harold Holzer, Wall Street Journal

Ways and Means, an account of the Union’s financial policies, examines a subject long overshadowed by military narratives . . .  Lowenstein is a lucid stylist, able to explain financial matters to readers who lack specialized knowledge.” —Eric Foner, New York Times Book Review

From renowned journalist and master storyteller Roger Lowenstein, a revelatory financial investigation into how Lincoln and his administration used the funding of the Civil War as the catalyst to centralize the government and accomplish the most far-reaching reform in the country’s history

Interview with the Author

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Ways and Means: Lincoln and his Cabinet, and the Financing of the Civil War
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