by Jennifer M. Silva

The economy has been brutal to American workers for several decades. The chance to give one’s children a better life than one’s own — the promise at the heart of the American Dream — is withering away. While onlookers assume those suffering in marginalized working-class communities will instinctively rise up, the 2016 election threw into sharp relief how little we know about how the working-class translate their grievances into politics.

In We’re Still Here, Jennifer M. Silva tells a deep, multi-generational story of pain, place, and politics that will endure long after the Trump administration.

Interview with the Author

Aufhebunga Bunga
/98/ Painful Politics ft. Jennifer Silva
11/28/19       61 min

Events from the Brookings Institution
Reframing the narrative of middle class: Real voices pre – and post – pandemic
11/18/20       65 min

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