Book cover of What's Eating the Universe?: And Other Cosmic Questions by Paul Daviesby Paul Davies

Combining the latest scientific advances with storytelling skills unmatched in the cosmos, an award-winning astrophysicist and popular writer leads us on a tour of some of the greatest mysteries of our universe.

In the constellation of Eridanus, there lurks a cosmic mystery: It’s as if something has taken a huge bite out of the universe. But what is the culprit? The hole in the universe is just one of many puzzles keeping cosmologists busy. Supermassive black holes, bubbles of nothingness gobbling up space, monster universes swallowing others—these and many other bizarre ideas are being pursued by scientists. Due to breathtaking progress in astronomy, the history of our universe is now better understood than the history of our own planet.

Interview with the Author

Podcast art of Into the Impossible with Brian KeatingInto the Impossible with Brian Keating  
Paul Davies: What’s Eating the Universe?
1/18/22           106 min

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