Book cover of Wild Ride: A Memoir of I.V. Drips and Rocket Ships by Hayley Arceneauxby Hayley Arceneaux

The youngest American to ever orbit the earth—cancer survivor Hayley Arceneaux—shows us all that when we face our fears with hope and faith, extraordinary things can happen.

“A potent reminder to all of us that nothing on earth—or in the heavens, for that matter—can keep us from becoming commanders of our own destiny.”—Marlo Thomas, actor, author, and national outreach director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

In this boldly optimistic debut memoir, Hayley Arceneaux details how she overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to grab hold of a life greater than she’d ever imagined. 

Interview with the Author

Podcast art for Watching AmericaWatching America 
Hayley Arceneaux: Wild Ride
12/16/22            51 min

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Hayley Arceneaux: The G Monster
11/10/22            44 min

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